ICA Figures

Israeli Buyers

40% of the engagements are coming from the defense industry, while 60% are from the civil industries (a reversal in the trend in recent years).
Over 200 Israeli government and public entities are potentially required to include industrial cooperation obligations in their tenders, with 40 that are presently active (only engagements worth over 5 million dollars).

Foreign Suppliers

Over 200 multinational companies are committed to offset in Israel, 150 of which are having open obligations with the value of over $2 billion.
The total value of new obligations are approximately one billion dollars per year.
The total value of fulfillments of multinational companies in Israel stands at over $ 2 billion per year.
In total, Foreign Suppliers fulfilled more than $ 10 billion over their obligations (net). For them, Israel is a desired destination for investment far beyond their obligation.

Israeli Industry

Every year, offset procurements are fulfilled in dozens of factories in national priority areas and various small and medium businesses, by which the ICA is helping to fulfill long-term objectives of the government.
Offset activity is directed for over 500 Israeli industries every year. This means thousands of transactions between Israeli industries and multinational companies every year.

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